Our Services

Communications and Marketing translation

You are up to great and interesting things, and we want to help you tell the French speaking world about it. Get in touch here.

Branding package – Transcreation

We’ve seen it time and time again: after carefully crafting its brand in English, an organization simply drops it into a Word document and ships it off to the nearest available translator. Please don’t do that, give us a call instead.

Optimized website translation

Outstanding translation, with SEO in mind. Ask us about it.

Creative translation

We understand the ebbs and flow of the creative process, and we remember a thing or two from our English Lit studies at La Sorbonne. Trust your prose or poetry to us. Start here.

General TEP (Translate, edit, proofread)

Impeccable translations that do not look or sound like translations. We call this service “stealth” translation, because no one will ever know we were there – unless you tell them (and we’d certainly appreciate it if you did). Get it here.

Consulting services

  • Translation audit – We can help you set your translation budget, review the work delivered by a provider, and improve your translation process so that you can get the most out of your resources. We’re pretty sure we can surprise you. Ask us how.
  • Staffing – We can help you hire the right translator for your company, from the job posting to the final interview. Ask us how.
  • Translation management solutions – translation tracking systems, guidelines, style guides, glossaries, CAT tool recommendation, we bring you what you need to manage translation efficiently. Just ask us.